at Patriarchal parishes in the USA

“Our work with youth should not be based on the principle of events. Gatherings, congresses, festivals - all this is important. But it is necessary that in everyone - I emphasize, in everyone! - there were people in the parish who take care of the young every day and selflessly. If the balance between large one-time actions and daily work, inconspicuous but important work with specific people, is violated, we will lose our youth, as the sower of grains that fell on stony soil lost.



In October 2010, with the blessing of Archbishop Justinian, a youth department was founded at the Patriarchal parishes in the USA. The main objectives of this department are:

— Привлечение молодёжи в Церковь.
— Создание условий внехрамового общения церковной молодёжи.
— Повышение уровня христианского образования в молодёжной среде в США.
— Помощь собору и участие в приходской жизни.
— Помощь друг другу в различных насущных проблемах.

Для осуществления вышеперечисленных целей мы проводим множество интересных мероприятий, которые помогают православной молодёжи поддерживать общение как в храме, так и вне его.

Every Tuesday at seven o'clock in the evening in the refectory of St. Nicholas Cathedral, our traditional meetings are held, 

for which young people can get acquainted, communicate and learn a lot of new and interesting things about Orthodoxy. Each Tuesday meeting begins with a prayer service. Lectures are held on the Holy Scriptures, the history of Christianity and on topics of interest to young people. We arrange meetings with clergymen, screenings of Christian films, discussions on theological topics. We also invite representatives of the clergy of other Orthodox Churches, as well as interesting people from among historians, writers, and public figures to meetings.

We try to help each other in finding work and housing. Sometimes, young people and girls who come to the USA have a very hard time, and there is no one to turn to for help or advice, but we are always happy to support each other.

Periodically organized field trips, walks in the parks, picnics and visits to various Orthodox parishes in the United States. Our department organizes celebrations in St. Nicholas Cathedral, to which all parishioners and guests of our parish are invited: at Maslenitsa we start Russian folk amusements and bake pancakes, at Easter or Christmas we organize dances, competitions, games.

Activists of the youth group participate in the liturgical life of the cathedral as altar servers and subdeacons, the girls help in the refectory and in cleaning the cathedral, and sing on the kliros.

We are happy to invite everyone to join our active youth life! Come at seven o'clock in the evening on Tuesday to the St. Nicholas Cathedral. Don't be late and bring something for tea.

We, Orthodox youth, like many of our peers, lead an interesting and active lifestyle. And at the same time, we try to imitate the example of the saints, cultivating in ourselves meekness, love for our neighbors, long-suffering and humility. With brotherly love, we will accept everyone who is close and interested in our position in life.

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