Archpriest Igor Vyzhanov, Rector of the Cathedral


Born on June 6, 1971 in the city of Vologda, where his father worked on distribution after the Voronezh Medical Institute. In 1974 the family moved to Moscow

In 1993 he graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. In 1995 he graduated from the Moscow Theological Seminary. In 1999 he graduated from the Moscow Theological Academy with Ph.D. Theology

He was ordained a deacon in March 2003, a priest in September 2003, and was elevated to the rank of archpriest in April 2009

From 1999 to 2010 - an employee of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate (DECR MP). He headed the DECR MP Secretariat for Inter-Christian Relations

While working at the DECR, he was a member of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches, the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches, as well as the Joint Working Group to Consider Problems Existing in Relations between the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches

From March 5, 2010 to May 30, 2011 - Cleric of the Nicholas Patriarchal Cathedral in New York and Representative of the World Russian People's Council to the UN

From May 30, 2011 to October 4, 2012 - Cleric of the Church of St. Catherine the Great Martyr in Rome

On October 4, 2012, by decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, he was appointed rector of the Church of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called in Naples

In 2016-2022 - Cleric of the Moscow City Diocese. From 2017 to 2022 - teacher at the Moscow Theological Academy

By decision of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus' and the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on March 24, 2022, he was placed at the disposal of the Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in the United States

On October 26, 2022, Bishop Matthew of Sourozh of Sourozh was appointed Rector of the Nicholas Patriarchal Cathedral in New York City