7 ноября, в Димитриевскую родительскую субботу, преставлился ко Господу почетный настоятель Никольского храма г. Бруксайд, штат Алабама, протоиерей Венедикт Таллант. Временно Управляющий Патриаршими приходами в США епископ Сурожский Матфей обратился к родным, близким и прихожанам новопреставленного о. Венедикта со словом соболезнования. 

Dear Matushka Monica, Father Paul, Matushka Brigid, Family, Friends, and Faithful of St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church:

With profound sorrow I have learned this morning about the repose of the faithful servant of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Mitred Archpriest Benedict Tallant. It is widely known throughout our parishes that Father Benedict served faithfully and honorably, even during the most difficult of times. He was truly Christ’s servant and defender of the faith. Though grieved by his death, as a true warrior of Jesus Christ, it is only fitting and providential that he reposed on the morning of this Demetrius Saturday!

For over 55 years, Fr. Benedict has given his life to the Russian Orthodox Church and his beloved parish, proclaiming the truth of the gospel in the face of unjust persecution. Nevertheless, he endured! During his lifetime, the Lord blessed Father Benedict to see the fruits of his pastoral labors in the form of his many spiritual children who benefited from his prayers, care, and wisdom, and continue to remain faithful children of the Church today. I am certain that the fruits of his priestly labors will continue to be seen for decades to come.

The Apostle Paul, with whose words that the Church comforts us with when we see our loved ones depart this life, tells us that “if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, then God will bring those who have died in Jesus with Him” (1 Thes., 4:14). What a wealth of comfort to all of us is contained in these short words! The entire conscious life of Father Benedict belonged to Christ and the Church. He served Him alone, he brought people to Him alone, generously sharing his fervent faith, consoling with prayer, advising them into Eternal Life, of which he himself has now become a partaker.

I pray with all of you that the Lord, who rules over life and death, the Lord, who loves Mankind, will welcome the soul of His newly departed faithful servant in a place of brightness, a place of refreshment, a place of repose, where there is no sickness, sorrow or sighing, that the soul of Father Benedict will find well-deserved rest with all the saints who have been ever pleasing to God.

Though I am sadly unable to be present for the services for Fr. Benedict, please know that I will be joining you in prayer, along with all of our parishes in the United States, asking Christ our God to give repose to the soul of His faithful servant, the newly departed and ever memorable, Mitred Archpriest Benedict. May his memory be eternal.

Extending my Archpastoral Blessing to you and all who loved Fr. Benedict, 


Bishop of Sourozh

Interim Administratorof the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA & Canada