In the spring of this year, 2021, the heating system of our cathedral was out of order and stopped working properly, which led to the ignition and heavy smoke production of our old outdated and obsolete heating boiler. Considering that our cathedral is 120 years old, this was an extremely dangerous incident. We decided to significantly update our heating system with the installation of a modern and safe heating boiler that will run on natural gas, not fuel. This will make our cathedral safer for our parishioners and our neighbors, and more environmentally friendly for our area. We need the help of all people of good will and means who are not indifferent to our problem. We have chosen the most economical option provided by Remington Construction. The cost of the project is $82,720 (Registration of permits and preparation of technical documentation - $17,920 and purchase of new equipment and its installation - $64,800). Along with your donations, we ask you to send your names and the names of your loved ones, which we will commemorate every day in our prayers and services. Please send the names to our email for commemorations at  

The work estimate can be viewed here 

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